Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Ultimate Fighter

Last nights show was pretty good. They had to eliminate a middleweight so Nick Diaz, who I think is going to win the middle wight division, fought Nick Kasparo (?). NIck made pretty quick work of him taking him straight to the ground, landing big elbows and hands to the face and then ultimately submitting him by rear-naked choke. From the highlights of next weeks show it looks like there is a fight outside the ring in the house, it showed somebody breaking a door down. They also stated they took the fighters out on the town and everyone got pretty drunk. It will be unfortunate if someone gets kicked off in this fasion. Martial Arts, no matter what kind should be about self discilpline and if these guys are allowed to go out 1 time and this happens they might have missed the point of this sport.


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