Monday, February 21, 2005

A weekend back in the action

Well I got off my graveyard shift and had a weekend back in the action. I already wrote about Friday, we had a great time, I'm fairly certain I sprained my liver. My splein also suffered a slight bruise. At any rate we were back at it on Saturday, a little tamer this time. I woke up at 6pm (still on a graveyard sleep schedule). Met up with Mike up at the E, there was a wedding party with plenty of ladies all dressed up for us. Hopped over to Daniel's pad to watch the Hopkins vs Eastman fight, Hopkins won easily. Back to the E where we ran into Vene and Alex. Alex is fun to hang out with, he's from Switzerland and he is hard to understand most of the time but he does provide a lot of comic relief to our crowd. Mike ended up following part of the wedding crowd to a downtown bar while Daniel and I headed to Jonathan's and Friday's in what turned out to be a pretty melow evening. (I wasn't the only one who bruised some internal organs Friday night). With the demise of the hockey season and my new location here in the south I have officially turned to Nascar for a release. GO JUNIOR!!!! Met Mike on Sunday to watch the Daytona 500.


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