Saturday, February 19, 2005

Friday Night

OK, you saw the HOCKEY NEWS!!!!!! We were a couple drinks into the night when we heard that. Daniel, almost the fan I am, and I went nuts. The chants of "Lets go Predators" were coming often. I caught a little flack when chanting for the Avalanche, come on, it's my team and I love them. My dog, Riku, named after Riku Hahl of the Avalanche. This turned what would have been a normal B-day celebration into a WAHOO HOCKEY IS BACK 'A' BRATION!!!!!! Shot after shot we took and took well. The 1st on the TGIF bartender who was just excited we were ecited. Awesome! We ended up going to printers alley again, why not, had a good time last time!!!!! Daniel met up with Cari, Mike with Kim and me with Kristi (probably not spelling any of those right) to have a good time. We danced, we sang, we partied until close, Daniel and I explaining to anyone who would listen that HOCKEY IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most didn't believe us but they will on Saturday when they hear the great news!!!!! WAHOOOOOO, hockey is on. We love it, you should love it, everyone should love it. Predators season tickets will be in our hands shortly!!!!! If your'e nice you may be able to squeak a game in!!!
Oh yeah, almost forgot. We ended up at the WH (see difference between this and the Waffle House in previous blog) where Daniel ordered his usual "raped" eggs and made the pregnant waitress bring his 9 cups of coffee.

Pretty heartless if you ask me!

HOCKEY IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger peach said...

so, does this mean you're still taking me to a game????

11:17 AM  

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