Thursday, February 24, 2005

Never make assumptions!

Tuesday at work I recieved 2 phone calls from print/fulfillment shops in our area, this is not all together odd since I run a print/fulfillment shop and we in the business often try to stay on each others radar to outsource to each other if the need arises. I wrote them both down and decided to call them back at a later date. Wednesday morning I called the 1st one, a very pushing salesman who I ended up hanging up on because I couldn't get him off the phone. At this point I decided not to call the other one back. Just then, of course, the phone rings. It's the other guy asking if I have a minute. He starts telling me about their volume of mail, the way they do business, the people that work for him, I'm not listening, I'm playing solataire, he tells me about their insurance benifits, I'm fiddling with my CD player, about to hang u......huh????? Insurance benefits? why would he do that? I start paying attention, replaying the 1st part of the conversatoin over. He's not selling, he's buying. He wants me to work for him!!!!! Since I'm not happy in my job this is awesome. He asks if I'll come to the shop Thursday for lunch. Calls back 2 hours later asking to meet me for breakfast AND still come out for lunch. I obtained their website info and agreed to meet him. I spent last night diggin through their website, learning and thinking up questions to ask them. Had a great meeting with the 3 head people, another great meeting with them over lunch where they closed the conversation by telling me I'm their number 1, they're done inerviewing, they'll call me on Monday. Holy crap this will be pretty damn cool. I still don't even know how they heard of me, my head hunter didn't set this up and they aren't looking on line???????? Strange, but cool.

peace out homies!


Blogger Linda said...

That's pretty frickin' awesome - way to go!

Do they need any IT help? ;)

5:27 PM  

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