Monday, March 07, 2005

Freestyle Fighting Championship

Saturday night in Tunica brought John and I to an 8 man lightwieght tournament. Our seats were about 2 from the top. Fortunately a couple of John's friends who scored ringside seats spotted 2 open seats in the second row. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fight 1 - Rinat Myzabekov vs. Kenny Jerrell.
Jerrell instantly became one of my favorites, he just seemed to love to fight. he cam out with an ear to ear grin that would only disapear for a moment during intense action. At one point he was on the bottom and getting pummeled, took the time to reach out his hand to the crowd and try and get them pumped up with a big grin. He ended up getting a reversal, gaining the full mount and obtaining the victory.

Fight 2 - Roger Huerta (fights with Dave Menne) vs. Steve "the dragon" Kinison
Huerta controlled the whole fight, he had much more experience with a solid stand up and ground game. Huerta through some kicks, got a shot, worked through the guard gaining full mount, Kinison took a little punishment and then decided to roll over. Huerta won by rear naked choke.

Fight 3 - Brian Fulton vs Shannon Smith
This fight was going incredibly well with strikes, takedowns and near submissions. Fulton, wanting to strike, went to stand up while Smith grabbed and ankle and began to twist. Right before Smith was able to fully lock up the ankle Fulton jumped up and stomped Smith with a heel to the right eye. This is illegal in fights within the USA if I'm not mistaken. I think only the international organizations allow kicks to the head of a downed oponent, correct me if I'm wrong. At any rate it was definately not allowed in the FFC.

Fight 4 - Darrel "Bulldog" Smith vs. Melvin "Young Assassin" Guilliard
This was a pretty easy fight for Guilliard, he has incredibly heavy hands and just seemed stronger than the bulldog. Smith won with a pretty quick knock out.

Semi's Fight 1 - Kenny Jerrell vs. Roger Huerta
Jerrell held his own but Huerta was just to much for him. Huerta is an accomplishiped 21 year old that is training with Dave Menne, a former UFC champ. Jerrell, even after getting knocked out in the 1st round was grinning away and playing to the crowd. Being from Kentucky (Jerrell that is) I should be able to see him again in local fights.

Semi's Fight 2 - Melvin "Young Assassin" Guilliard vs. Someone who should have never came
Although Smith, the reciever of a vicious illegal heel kick to the face while on his back, won his 1st fight but was to injured to continue. Melvin was able to again score a quick knock out with his heavy hands. As a side note it was pretty interesting to meet Melvin's dad, he was sitting right in front of John's friends who had the ringside tickets.

Final Fight - Huerta vs. Guilliard
Both of these fighters seem composed and good enough to compete at a higher level, I'd like to see them get a KOTC match in the near future. Huerta definately won the 1st round with takedowns and strikes from the guard and 1/2 guard. The 2nd round was close, I scored for Huerta. The 3rd round went to Guilliard. Although I definately thought Huearta won the fight I never thought he could get a decision in Guilliard's backyard. Guilliard won a split decision and will fight the FFC lightwieght champ in the near future. Hopefully it will be in Tunica or Biloxi. I tried to meet Dave Menne after the fight but he was visibly upset that his fighter had lost. Most of the crowd were unhappy with the decision the judges gave. It was actually quite surprising to hear all the boo's. With a fight that close I would have thought that the locals would all pull for Melvin but it would seem that Roger Huerta won some fans with his tough chin and his overall ability. In the 3rd round, which I scored for Melvin, Huerta did have him moving backward and you could definately tell he respected Huerta's take down and kicking ability.


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