Monday, March 07, 2005

A long Weekend in Tunica!!!

At noon on Friday our long awaited trip to Tunica was finally here. Daniel was feeling like a weak sister so he decided not to go at the last minute. (the rest of us would have fought through our sickness!) Without Daniel we hit the road, John, me, a bottle of Whiskey and a bottle of Rum. The road trip down was a good time, listened to a lot of comedy on the XM stereo, took a wrong turn somewhere in Memphis and ended up in a not so good neighborhood, oh well, found our way back and kept on going. Then all of the sudded we crossed a big river. OOPS, another wrong turn, oh well, now I can say I've been to Arkansas, if only for one exit. I blame the now empty bottles of Whiskey and Rum for our detours. (it happens) We finally made it to Tunica and hit the Horseshoe for some blackjack. We were able to play for about 10 hours, on this evening I was down a couple hundred and John was doing pretty good, I made a late night rally and almost broke even for the first night. We made it to our room about 3am for a quick nap and back to the casino for some more blackjack. This time we hit the Grand hotel so after 10 hours of free drinks while gambling we could just stagger to the fights. I'll go into the fights in another post so my none fight friends don't have to read about it all. The end of the night on Saturday saw us up pretty good. HMMM??? What to do with all this extra money?? HMMM? probably should pay some bills or maybe donate to my favori.........hehehe, "do you think there's any strip clubs open?" says I. "Yep" says John. So we decided to blow all our hard earned money on some lovely ladies. All in all a fantastic 'guy trip' to Tunica. I'm sorry I can't elaborate more but what happens in Tunica, stays in Tunica. Besides, we are trying to not tell Daniel how much fun we actually had, might hurt his feelings!


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