Monday, February 28, 2005

Team Couture gets a win

It finally happened. Team Couture won the challenge and the fight tonight. After winning the challenge they get to choose who goes in the ring. They took a little risk by picking to go against Bobby Southward, a strong fighter on Liddel's team. Bobby was the other one involved in the 'incident' 2 weeks ago, showing his maturity by calling another fighter a fatherless bastard knowing that his father left him at a young age. That is classless no matter how you slice it. At any rate he got into the ring with Stephan Bonar. Stephan controlled the pace of the fight, literally chasing Bobby around the ring. Scored more take downs. The striking I thought was close, a slight edge to Bobby for a couple of late 2nd round punches, but not enough to really make a difference. I thought he won both rounds. The judges saw it as a split decision, ultimately giving the win to Stephan. Team Couture finally wins, good job. I believe this will be a trend for a little while. Team Liddell seems to be a lot more immature, they don't work as a team and immediately point fingers when something, anything, goes wrong. Chris Leben, eliminated from Couture's team last week, was really the only one doing that on their team. Now that he's gone they seem to be pretty solid. Next week promises to bring someone who was previously eliminated back on to the show. Don't know who yet?


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