Monday, February 28, 2005

Saturday Night

We decided to go out and celebrate because I got a call back from the job interview. ( although I will say I haven't got the 'official' call with a written offer I was suppossed to get today so this may have been a little premature!) Like we need a reason to celebrate. Daniel, some other guy??, Justin, Crystal and I headed to Friday's for some dinner. Susan, a lady I met Friday call but didn't come out because "you and Daniel are going to start taking shots and head downtown." I can't believe she assumed that! So I went back in and Daniel had just ordered a round of 'Red Headed Sluts' for us. WIERD! We then moved on to the traditional 'Toungue in my panties' round. We had to take Crystal and Justing home because they did not want to go down town. We headed to Demondrelum where John and some of his friends had the corner room at the Comfort Inn, an excellent party idea!!! We hit all the bars up and down Demonbredum, checking out the bands and all the ladies we could look at. Daniel decided to try and see if he could pull off being a foriegner all night. Talking in mostly jibberish. He convinced one lady (a drunk lady of course) that he was from Kirkergarghenstein, Germany and he spoke 4 languanges, English (barely), German (i have no idea how she bought that), Spanish (which he speaks fluently and last but not least......Yiddesh. (are you kidding me) So Daniel, talking in 'yiddesh' would look at me, his transator, and raddle off a bunch of jibberish. My response "yep, she's a beautiful lady". She loved it. How that worked I'll never know but now Daniel is going to want to pull this crap every night. It was pretty funny.

Quote of the night. Crystal was reluctant to try the 'toungue in my panties' shot. "It will be the best thing you've had in your mouth since your 1st boyfriend." Jason! She was horrified, everyone else at the bar laughed. (am I really that loud?)


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