Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sunday night KOTC

After a long and hard wekend of drinking and gambling John and i headed back to Nashville with yet another bottle of whiskey and rum. Luckily we avoided Arkansas this time! On the way back we decided we didn't want the weekend to be over yet so we called Daniel and told him to start drinking because we were. 4 hours later we decided to hit a couple bars and get some shots with the money left over from the trip, head back to the Casa and watch the King of the Cage on PPV. The main event was to feature Dan "the beast" Sevren vs. Butterbean. KOTC, for those non fighting readers, is set up like UFC, mixed martial arts with little rules. After a great night of fighting they announced that Dan, a former UFC champ who would have killed Butterbean in seconds, had dropped out of the fight. They did not announce why. buterbean ended up fighting another guy, he dominated the fight, kept pushing BB up against the cage and landing blows, BB didn't land much of anything. At the end of the night they called it a draw. One of the worst decisions I've ever seen. Clearly a marketing ploy by the KOTC organization. Even the name 'cage fighting' imply's that there will be fighting against the cage, the ref kept breaking them and bringing them to the center of the ring in an obvious attempt to give butterbean the chance to land the 1 big blow to score a knockout. This was one of the better KOTC's I'd seen and they had to goruin it with that terrible fight.


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