Sunday, March 13, 2005

Saturday Night part B - Bruceleeroy Farley

Enough BBQing, time to get changed and head down town for a good time. We went to Mrs Kerri's on printers alley. Early on Daniel asked me to do the Matt Foley impression which sparked the attention of a guy who owns the company that puts on the Karaoke there. He started hanging out with us and talking to Daniel and I about doing an 'act' of some kind, me doing Chris Farley impressions. Just then a gentleman with a 'photos' sign walked by, I asked "how much for a photo" he said " 5 bucks" I said "OK" and clicked a picture of him and then said "give me my 5 bucks!". This made everyone within hearing distance crack up. No hard feelings, the guy said that was hilarious and that in 20 years he'd never have that happen. This owner guy thought that was about the funnniest thing ever and decided he wanted to play a trick on everyone. He went around and told the bar staff, his staff and many people he knew at the bar that I was Chris Farley's little brother. None stop people buy us drinks and asking for pictures for 4 hours. Worked out well for me also because the bartender took interest in me, I like her becasue she has of land. After the bar closed they kicked everyone out except for me and Daniel. Being a celebrity has it's privelidges. Kelli, my new bartender friend, wanted to have some more drinks with me while cleaning up.

All in all it was an excellent evening, tons of laughs (my head aches and my stomach hurts from all the laughing we did last night), good times, good pranks, met some new people!

l8tr dudes


Blogger Linda said...

Somehow, my Saturday night dinner of Krystal and an evening at home just doesn't compare... :)

9:30 AM  

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