Thursday, March 10, 2005

Happy Wingsday

After swearing, again, that we would not go out during the weekdays Daniel, John and I headed on down to the Harding Hooters for Wingsday. All you can eat Wings for eight bucks. We all LOVE wings, why else would we drive all the way to Harding? The Wings! Wow, I almost typed that with a straight face! So we're out looking at cleavage, eating wings and working on the 1st of what would be 3 pitchers. The Miller lite girls came over and gave us a survey, I won a stocking cap, John won some fingerless gloves and Daniel won a miller lite. (BLAGH!) He then cried and begged to get a stocking cap so he could be cool as me. Our waitress was cool, awesome eyes and apparently like fat guys becasue she kept rubbing my head and shoulders, brushing up against me, an excellent compliment to any wing and beer dinner. I highly recommend it. She just had a daughter not to long ago so I think she may be the pregnant waitress Linda saw about a month ago when she was 'forced' to attend that very same Hooters. (although she didn't take me) Aftre inviting the Hooters girls back to Cool Springs for a drink we all headed out. Carry, don't know just don't call her a girlfriend, came down to hang out with us. Joseph was out as was Mike, Kim and a usual cast and crew. We sang, threw coasters and had an excellent time, almost like Brent was back. Oh, that is until Justin yelled at us, the manager came and asked us to keep it down, Justin averaged about 20 minutes of empty beverage time before refilling. All things deemed unacceptable under Brent's rule at the E. We all came to the conclusion that we don't like Justin very much. Despite his best efforts we were determined to have a good time. We played Galaga and Off Road in the video arcade, Morgan got mad at Joseph because he couldn't get the game started. Made fun of Ben who wasn't even there but hey, it's a good time none the less.

Taking Thursday night off to sleep and get ready for happy Friday!!!!


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