Sunday, March 13, 2005

Saturday Night part 1 - The BBQ

So the night was suppossed to consist of us all meeting at the E and heading to the Nashville Kats game. Daniel's brother secured a suite for us. Unfortunately our comp suite got yanked from us for a prospective buyer, living of comps these things will happen. So we decided to throw a BBQ, we sat around, listened to music, ate some dogs and burgers. Drinking hapily into the evening. Some of the neighbors in Daniel's apartment complex just started coming out and hanging out with us. (we were being a little loud!) Oddly enough that guy "MJ" from the real world on MTV dates a girl in the building next to Daniel's, the night before when we got home he was going in the house and John kept asking him when he was going to be on the inferno. Daniel and I ran into him when going back to get some chairs and invited him to come over. He declined as they were headed away for the next week. Oh yeah, if your interested he's going to be on the inferno in June. We griled well into the darkness, literally had to take pictures of the grill with my digital camera and look at the picture to see if the dogs were done. The comedy started when someone mentioned Celebrity Jeopardy that used to be on Sautrday Night Live. I happen to have them all on a cd in my truck so we started listening. Then Daniel kept making me do my Matt Foley motivational speaker impression, that's when we got really loud. One of the ladies from the BBQ wanted to accompany me downtown when we went, she got a little offended when I told her that she was very beautiful but I was drunk. I asked if she would still be in "High Def" in the morning, or, was she "high def" cuz I was drinking and she would be like a rabbit ears signal later? Some reason that didn't go over to well! 1/2 the crew wanted Demonbrilumminum and the other 1/2 wanted printers alley. We decided on printers alley because Demonbrulim is always to crowded.


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