Friday, March 11, 2005

Do we take blogging for granted

After being bored at work I was surfing the web and reading various articles about blogging. If you do various serches on blogging, include the words arrested, how, you, can, get, things like that it will take you to various sites illustrating that in some parts of the world blogging can be dangerous. Most articles didn't go into the details but did you know that in:

Iran3 bloggers and one web journalist
Syria1 journalist and a student blogger
Bahrain1 online forum moderator
China63 bloggers in total; including human-rights lawyers, journalists, IT managers,Falun Gong activists,teachers and students
Vietnam1 journalist and 2 students
Maldive Islands3 online journalists

have all been imprisioned for various reasons.

I was able to find the majority of these nubmers on

Pretty Interesting and God Bless America.


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