Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tuesday Night

Holy Crap we've been going out to much I can't even keep up lately. Started at the E with myself, Daniel, John and Kat. Playing a little trivia and making fun of these guys who thought they were going to start a bunch of crap with us. It's Daniel's fault as usual, he's the troublemaker of the group. Decided to head on over to Johnathan's for a couple more beers. Tuesday night used to be an awesome time at the E. The recent departure of our favorite bartender has really effected the night life there. I know that most of the locals are looking for a new place, it's just not the same without Brent to carry on, throw tantrums, break glasses and make fun of the non local bar guests.


Blogger Linda said...

FINALLY. Your comments are working.

What I've been trying to say FOREVER is that I'll volunteer to take over making fun of people.

Wait... I already have. :)

2:43 PM  

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