Sunday, March 20, 2005

The underdogs fell hard

I woke up and headed out to meet Daniel and John, couple others showed up along the way but we were watching the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately the Vermont Catamounts could not pull another upset and make it through to next weekend. Also my bandwagon favorite Bucknell lost today, they made a pretty good show of it but in the end both these underdogs couldn't stay with the higher quality teams. 2 upsets that did happen today were not in my favor, I've always followed UConn in basketball cuz I was born there. Gonzaga I like cuz my high-school weight lifting partner went out there to play baseball when we graduated, they've also been a great story to watch over the last few years. After a lot of basketball I headed over to the Outback to have dinner with Linda and home for an early evening. I would like to get some good sleep for my 1st day on the new job.


Blogger Linda said...

Good luck on your first day.

8:59 PM  

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