Sunday, March 20, 2005

Saturday night fights

Well we've been hitting it pretty hard lately so I decided to take a night of and go to Mike's house to watch the PPV fights. Great decision! What a night of action. Eric Morales and Manny Pacquiao went toe to toe for 12 rounds. Most of us thought that Pacman would win this fight but Morales came out swinging and just didn't stop. It was a close but fair decision with all 3 judges scoring the fight 115-113. It was good to see all 3 see the fight the same way, all to often in a close fight 1 judge has the score completely backward and creates a lot of conroversy. I had Morales winning 1 more round so my score was a little of the judges but basically the same. In the fight before the main event Arce and Hussein also stood toe to toe for 12 rounds. Arce recieved a bad cut on his nose in the 6th round that just bled and bled throughout the fight. That did not stop him from coming forward and taking shots to deliver shots. He clearly won the fight and the hearts of many fans. The comentators mentioned that he was a fan favorite because he just finished competing on the Mexican version of the show big brother. I haven't seen or heard of this show but I picture 35 mexicans in a 1 bedroom apartment, I think they call it Grande Amigo! I wonder if any of Daniel's relatives were on the show, I'll have to ask him.


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