Monday, March 21, 2005

The ultimate fighter Leben vs Florian

So tonights big twist was that there are 4 middlewieghts and 4 lightheavy's left, 2 of each on each team. The team's will have to fight themselves so they can each send 1 fighter from each weight class into the final. We know all the fights for the next couple weeks. Tonight was the first one. Chris Leben, who already lost 1 match but was brought back by an injured fighter, and Kenny Florian. Florian, or Kenflo as they call him, normally fights at 155-168 and is now fighting at 186. In my opinion he should go back to the lower weights. You can tell he is a skilled fighter but Leben manhandled him in the cage, pummelled him with punches and dominated the fight. Dominated until Kenflo landed a clean elbow in the middle of the 2nd round that opened up a gash over Leben's eye and ended the fight based on Dr's orders.

I don't want to take anything away from Kenflo, seems like a good fighter with a lot of talent. But next week we'll find out who he's fighting, either Diego Sanchez (who I picked to win it all) or Josh Koscheck. Both of those guys will beat Kenflo unless he can pull something out of his rear again. It's possible, the Bucknell Bison beat Kansas!


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