Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Ultimate Fighter

Last night was a long night. My home computer has been acting up ever since I moved here. I've tried sprinkling it with Holy Water and burning incence around it, nothing seems to work. After rebooting, defragging and cleansing every folder I could get my mouse on I was at the end of my rope. I had tried everything else, so I decided I would kick it as hard as I could and throw the keyboard against the wall. Unfortunately that didn't work either, now it won't even turn on. I was deprived of chatting with my mma friends, the only chat room I go to and the only night of the week I go. So I waited for my show to start. The show was pretty un-eventful, I'm learning to hate the reality part of it, just get on with the fights!!!! Alex S (supposedly the weakest light-heavyweight) against Forrest (most, including myself think is the best). Alex jumped right out on him throwing bombs, one of which gave Forrest a large cut over his left (?) eye. Forrest was able to weaher the storm and get Alex to the ground. Once he got him there he was able to pummel him to submission. Forrest won the match and 5k for the knock out but may be the worse for wear with that cut. We should find out next week if he can fight again.

Oh yeah, bought a new computer today. I probably wouldn't have done anything else constructive with that $1k burning a hole in my pocket! :)))) temper temper!


Blogger Linda said...

happy new computer to you.

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