Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Little Michael Jackson

Oh what happened to that sweet little boy. Now he leans toward sweet little boys! I cannot turn on the damn tv or radio or internet without seeing something about Michael Jackson so I guess I should right about it.

1) Anyone who shows up to trial, one that will potentially land them in jail forever, looking like Captin Crunch should be escorted straight through the system to a cell! Does this guy own a pair of pants that don't have a red stripe down the side?

2) This whole fainting and limping thing has got to go. Actually what needs to go are the millions of dilusional fans that are more worried about him fainting and limping.

3) I heard he was going to need to file bankruptcy. HA! What a crock, he can move in with Mike Tyson. 1 black guy, 1 former black guy, 1 monkey and a tiger. Throw Robert Blake in there and I think we have a reality show!


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