Monday, July 03, 2006

I gotta talk about this soccer again.

I don't know why I'm in a ranty mood tonight but here goes. I was watching the World Cup, again. Argentinia vs Germany to be precise. This was on last Friday. I'm watching this and having a little trouble with the fact that these are grown men. I do take for granted sometimes that being a guy who trains in mixed martial arts, gets hit in the head and thrown around for a workout and a little recreation that I may be a little more numb to pain than the average bear. My fiancee refers to me as the most 'testosterony' guy she has ever dated. But these guys ahve to be the softest professional athletes out there.

So with the game tied up Argentinia's goalie gets kicked in the stomach, he proceeds to flop around on the ground due to this devastating injury. All that I can handle and I'm getting used to. But then, in the World Cup, with your nations hopes and dreams on the line he gets subbed out??? Subbed out for an injury after being kicked in the tummy??? And, he got taken off on the stretcher.

Now in my years I've cracked my ribs twice, broken fingers, toes, seperated my shoulder, knocked out my front tooth when I was in seventh grade and I have also been kicked in the tummy. Mike accidentally kicks me in the head every time we work out. I have never been on a stretcher. I have seen people in football blow out there knee's and not be taken off on a stretcher, Nascar racers get in accidents at 200 miles an hour and don't need a stretcher.

These guys are just soft!!!!


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