Monday, June 26, 2006

Ultimate Fight Night ~ The Predictions

Here we go again, this is going to be a busy month in the world of mixed martial arts. And with 5 people now training at Spring Hill MMA (my garage) I am busier than ever.

The Undercard (may not be broadcast)

Justin Levens 7-2 (5 KO's 2 Subs)


Jorge Santiago 10-5 (3 KO's 6 Subs)

Santiago is an American Top Team fighter with a pretty solid backround against good opponents. Levens is a Ruas Vale Tudo fighter who was on a MMA role with 7 straight wins before running into Scott Smith and Evan Tanner. Tanner, by the way, is a former middleweight champ. I'm gonna pick Levens in a close fight here, I don't know much about these guys but something tells me Levens' 1 fight in the Octagon with Tanner will make him a little calmer and more prepared.

Rob MacDonald 3-1 (1 KO and 1 Sub)


Kristian Rothaermel

I didn't post a record for Kristian because of the inconsistancies. Sherdog lists him at 4-2, the FFC refers you to Sherdog's profile. The UFC lists him at 40-4. Just a little bit of difference there. You may have seen Rothaermel quiting on TUF this past season. Quite frankly I don't know why Dana is giving him a chance to fight here, I hope he looses. There you have it. Go MacDonald!

Mark Hominick 10-5 (6 KO's 4 Subs)


Jorge Gurgel 9-1 (9 Subs)

I'm excited to see Jorge fighting again. His knee gave him problems during the TUF season 2, he showed a no quit attitude that you had to admire. Hominick looked really good against one of my favorite fighters, Yves Edwards. No one is going to back down in this one, Jorge shows a lot of submissions but is not afraid to stand in there. I am going to reluctantly pick Hominick in this one, I hope they choose to air this fight, it will be a good one.

Brandon Lee Hinkle 12-7 (8 KO's 3 Subs)


Jason Lambert 21-5 (10 KO's 7 Subs)

Brandon Lee Hinkle sounds too much like Lee Harvey Oswald to me, so I'm going with Lambert. He's coming off wins at UFC 58 adn 59 where as Hinkle is coming off a loss at UFC 57. His win at UFC 55 was a yawner over Sean Gannon who was in about as good a shape as Elvis before he died. It was terrible! I'll take Lambert in round 1.

Dave Menne 39-13 (5 KO's 14 Subs)


Josh Koscheck 5-1 (1 KO 3 Subs)

Here's a fight I hope they don't show. Unless Koscheck has improved on his game. The guy is a World Class wrestler who sometimes forgets he can strike in the world of MMA. He earned the nickname "The Blanket" in his heated rivalry with Chris Leben in TUF season 1. Let's hope his training with Tito Ortiz has gotten him out of that phase. Dave Menne is a former UFC Champ, I think his days in the big leagues are over though. Dave's a good guy with good skill, I just think he was fortunate to get in early. I'll take Koscheck in this one.

Jon Fitch 10-2 (3 KO's 3 Subs)


Thiago Alves 8-2 (4 KO's 1 Sub)

This should be another entertaining fight. Both are on mini-rolls in the UFC. Fitch looked good against Josh Burkman and Alves looked good against Derrick Noble. I'll go with Alves and American Top Team to win this one, but it should be another good one.

The Main Card

Jonathan Goulet 15-6 (6 KO's 7 Subs)


Luke Cummo 4-3 (2 KO's 1 Sub)

Luke is coming off a win over Jason Von Flue, a fellow TUF season 2 cast member. Goulet is coming off KO loss to Duane Ludwig at UFN 3. I've liked Luke's attitude from the begining and I'm looking for him to have used that to learn more about himself and this sport. I pick Cummo.

Rashad Evans 7-0 (1 KO and 2 Subs)


Stephan Bonnar 9-2 (1 KO 6 Subs)

This should be a great fight! Rashad is coming down in weight since winning the heavyweight crown in TUF season 2. Rashad is a good boxer with good all around defense. He'll need it against the well rounded Stephan Bonnar. Bonnar looked a little out of it in his last fight with Keith Jardine, I thought he lost that fight but he did win the decision. I look for Rashad to continue his rise and win in an upset over Bonnar.

And now for the Main Event

Chris Leben 15-1 (7 KO's 4 Subs)


Anderson Silva 15-4 (8 KO's 2 Subs)

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-Nelly, this should be a great fight!!!!! I can't wait. Chris Leben has been on a tear through the UFC since losing on the TUF season 1. A victory ehre could line him up for a title defense in the near future with Rich Franklin. Silva's arrival in the UFC is highly anticipated by world wide fans of MMA who are often asking "who's got better talent, PRIDE or UFC." This fight will fuel that fire one way or another. I'm gonna kep takin Leben until somebody proves me wrong by beating him. He's got a big head and he can take a big punch, he should be tested in this one.

OK kids, don't forget to play the Joe Rogan Drinking game and have fun UFN'ing.


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