Monday, June 26, 2006

TUF 3 ~ The Results

My Oregon boys didn't win their fights but they both showed a lot of heart.

Ed lost his fight to Kendall, although I had it 29-28 for Ed. Many other people thoguth Ed won that fight, Sherdog scored the fight for Ed as well. But it was close enough that the decision doesn't bother me that much, Kendall fought a great fight and was going for a submission for the last minute of the last round, on the 3 judges cards that probably won it for him. Dana White announced after the fight that because of the great fight he would give both fighters contracts even thought Kendall would be the lone person crowned "The Ultimate Fighter".

Josh Haynes showed a ton of heart as he got man handled by Michael Bisping. Bisping ultimately scored a 2nd round KO to win his crown. Haynes announced that he would now pursue his fighting career in a lower wieght class, more than likely 170. If you ever have any question about how hard it is to go up 1 or 2 weight classes find someone who competed in High School wrestling and ask them, or, go to an event and see if any of them go up in weight class. If they do, they are pretty good.

Jardine and Gouveia went toe to toe for 3 rounds. Gouveia looked dominant in the 1st round with faster hands and devastating leg kicks. Then, like so many others in MMA today, he went away from those leg kicks and Jardine brought leg kicks of his own. By the 3rd round both looked as thought 1 more leg kick would send them to the mat for good, but they seldom went for them. Jardine won the decision in the end.

I said it when Florian fought at 185, I said it when Florian fought at 170. I like him at those weights but I would love to see him at 155. Well I got to see him and I loved him at 155. As I stated above it is difficult to go up 15 to 30 pounds in weight and still compete, Florian did it well but just didn't have the strength I felt he needed. I believe he will be a dominant force at 155. He took Stout straight down to the mat, messed with him a bit and then put him away with a rear naked choke. Spencer Fisher is another 155'er that is tearing it up right now and he could not take Stout down, Florian did it in no time.

All in all I was 6 and 3 with my predictions. If I would have went with logic over home town favorites I should have picked Bisping but what the heck, gotta stick with my boys. You wont find a fair weather fan in me.


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