Monday, June 26, 2006

UFC Salaries, Can they compare?

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. The most recent UFC's have come close to and out PPV'd Professional Boxing and Professional Wrestling. But where is this money going? Here are some reported salaries from the recent UFC 60 Gracie VS Hughes

Matt Hughes ($110,000) def. Royce Gracie ($400,000)

Brandon Vera ($32,000) def. Assuerio Silva ($8,000)

Diego Sanchez ($24,000) def. John Alessio ($3,000)

Dean Lister ($10,000) def. Alessio Sakara ($10,000)

Melvin Guillard ($10,000) def. Rick Davis ($2,000)

Gabriel Gonzaga ($10,000) def. Fabiano Scherner ($3,000)

Spencer Fisher ($14,000) def. Matt Wiman ($3,000)

Jeremy Horn ($70,000) def. Chael Sonnen ($5,000)

Mike Swick ($10,000) def. Joe Rigs ($12,000)

Both Gracie and Hughes also reportedly recieved a cut from the PPV, this should have put Gracie over 1 million dollars.

Now look at the amount the event reportedly brought in.

Reported Gate Money = $2.9 million (14k in attendance)
800,000 PPV customers at $39 each = $31.2 million

Total $34.1 million dollars just in attendance and PPV.

Gracie and Hughes together are not making what some of the top flight boxers are making. Here's a quick look at what some boxers you may have heard of recently pulled in.

Bernard Hopkins made $5 million for winning over Jermaine Taylor who brought down a modest $3.5 million.

Floyd Mayweather makes about $5 million per fight.

Oscar De La Hoya's price tag was $4.5 million dollars plus $2.50 for each PPV sold. Should have got him another $1.5 million for his fight with Shane Mosley.

Arturo Gatti reportedly made $8 million for his lackluster loss against Floyd Mayweather. (I could not find information to confirm that total.)

Most of these fights brought in less than the 800,000 viewers the UFC's mot recent fight brought in.

Dana White was recently on ESPN discussing the finer points of the UFC and MMA. One point he made about boxing was that, unfortunately, it is predominantly controlled by Don King and Bob Arum. It would seem that it is unfortunate for mixed martial artist to have only 1, Dana White.


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