Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup

I get into the World Cup every 4 years when it comes around. This year, I'm wondering why? I love the competition, I love the idea of each nation fighting for themselves like the olymipics, I love routing for America and I even love the fact that we are not the 'choosen ones' like we seem to be in so many other sports.

So this year I'm watching as usual and I can't get past 1 thing. These are grown men and great athletes, right? WHY DO THEY ROLL AND FLOP AROUND AFTER GETTING SOME LAME TACKLE??????????????? Man that is pissing me off this year. You know I love the fights, you know I love me some hockey and you know I love my football. Why can't these guys stand up like men? I really don't understand this concept in soccer. I don't understand it at all. I never played soccer other than recreation soccer in a gym class or something. So I guess I never learned the fine art of looking like a wuss on world wide television. And these commentators??????

I'm watching a game right now, Trinidad and Tobago VS England. Beckam chips a ball back to some other guy who makes a run for the goal. He gets tripped up and rolls about 4 times, (I used to run full speed in football and get tripped or hit, don't ever recall rolling that much.) he then grabs his leg and flops around like a fish out of water. The ref comes over and pulls the yellow card on the dude from T&T. The commentator goes on and on about how uncalled for that tackle was and why the T&T guy would do such a thing, meanwhile the England dude is still flopping around. 1 second after the giving of the yellow card the England dude hops up and runs away. They show the replay, the T&T dude didn't even make contact, not a bit. Are soccer refs aware of this invention called instant replay?

In hockey if a player takes a dive they get a penalty, perhaps soccer should adopt the same policy. It's quite ridiculous. Don't even get me started on when they bring the stretcher out! You'd think the guy was dying!


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