Wednesday, May 24, 2006

UFC 60 ~ The Predictions

Here we go on another UFC ride. UFC 60, the return of Royce Gracie. We do have this small matter of 8 other fights to get through before we talk about the big one. If you want to come over and watch all the action, drop a line.

The Undercard (these fights may not be broadcast)

Jeremy "Gumby" Horn


Chael Sonnen

If you click the link you will quickly notice that Jeremy Horn has been in the ring over 100 times. Yep, 100. That's a lot of fights no matter how you slice it. He's a grappler by nature but says he's gonna try and showcase his stand up abilities against the Team Quest submission fighter. If he comes from Team Quest you know he can wrestle and grapple. I look for Sonnen to overcome his 2 losses to Horn and defeat him on this stage.

Gabriel Gonzaga


Fabiano Scherner

A couple of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters going at it. I like this match up for 2 reasons. 1) They are pretty even if you look on paper. They are both submission guys. Both 5 wins, both 4 submission wins. 2) We need more heavyweights to step up and prove that they can compete with Arlovsky and Sylvia. I'm gonna take Scherner just cuz I liked his last fight, it ended in defeat but you can't win them all.

Alessio Sakara


Dean Lister

Another good match up. Lister is world known for his submission skills. He's been waiting to move up the UFC and now he has his chance. Sakara has 2 fights in the UFC so he has had the chance to get his feet wet. I'm gonna take Sakara with a victory in this one. Although Lister has tremendous skills on the ground I haven't been overly impressed with his MMA game.

Spencer Fisher


Matt Wiman

Although I've heard a lot about Matt Wiman from Krista (my fight fan friend, not my fiancee) I have always been impressed with Fisher. He has a 17-2 record with 9 KO's and 7 Submissions and only 1 decision. He keeps coming forward to try and end the fight. I wish Matt a lot of luck and hope he does well but I believe he will come up short. (sorry Krista!)

Melvin "The Young Assassin" Guillard


Rick "The Flying Squirrel" Davis

Most know by now that I likethe way Melvin fights, I've picked him in every fight I've reviewed. Rick Davis is an up and comer with 4 fights under his belt. Melvin should try to keep this fight standing but will not be afraid to use that wrestling background to ground and pound fora victory. I'm pickin Melvin.

The Main Card

Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez


John "The Natural" Alessio

Diego takes you down, Diego pounds you and you tap out or go to sleep. That's how he compiled that 16-0 record (14-0 on Sherdog). John Alessio has been around the block a few times. Until I see someone stop Diego I'm not picking against him. Nick Diaz is a good fighter, he was able to slow down Diego a little but in the end it was an easy decision victory for Diego. Pick, Diego.

Mike "Quick" Swick


Joe "Diesel" Riggs

Don't blink in this fight!!!! I'll give you some numbers..... :22, :20, :45, :26 and :31. That is the time, in seconds, of 5 of Mike Swick's last 6 fights. All ending in KO's (1 of him and 5 of his opponents). The nickname is Quick and he lives up to it. Riggs is trying to climb back up to the top after his devistating loss to the scales, weighing in over the limit by 2 pounds before getting submitted in the 1st round by Matt Hughes. he has since beat Nick Diaz in the cage and reportedly also beat him in a fight at the hospital after the fight. Riggs will be glad to stand toe to toe with Swick. If Swick doesn't knock his head off witht he 1st flury of punches Riggs may take him down and work his ground game. It's a close one but my gut says Swick keeps on rolling. But don't blink for God's sake!

Brandon "The Truth" Vera


Assuerio Silva

Vera has always seemed to me like he should cut 20 pounds and fight at 205, I'd love to see him against Chuck Liddell. But he just keeps KO'ing the heavyweights so if it aint broke dont fix it! Assuerio is coming off his loss to current heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia. The winner of this fight may be in line for a title fight with the winner of the next Sylvia vs Arlovsky fight coming up in August (i think). I don't think Vera will be able to keep this one in his comfort zone on his feet. I look for Silva to take him down and dish out some ground and pound. I take Silva.

And now for the moment we've all been waiting for. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this fight to happen.

Royce Gracie


Matt Hughes

No fancy nicknames, just 2 guys who live to train and fight. Royce - a legend, the one who changed martial arts as we all knew it, a guy who fights people 20-100's of pounds out of his weight class. Matt - A great champ, a guy who will fight anyone anywhere, one of the most dominant fighters today. Here's how I see this breaking down. Matt will try to work his stand up, Royce will work the takedown even if it means being on the bottom and playing defense for a while. Hughes will work his ground and pound fromthe top and land some but not enough to warrant a KO, TKO or landslide decision. That's right, I see this one going the distance. But it is so damn exciting I will watch every second. And then I'll back the disc up and watch it again and again. I like both these fighters, I also have a high respect for both these fighters. That being said I would love it if Royce were able to pull this off and submit Hughes. But I really don't believe that will happen. The Militech camp trains better than anyone in the world right now and I think Hughes will be ready for this fight. I look for Hughes to win a decision here.


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