Friday, April 07, 2006

Thunderstorms in April, Nashvegas

As the locals know we here in Nashvegas have been getting hammered by thunderstorms that have brought us hail and tornados. I have been fortunate enough not to come face to face with a tornado down here in Spring Hill, but I have felt the fury of about 5 hail storms in the past week. I wish all that are also feeling the impact of these storms good luck in staying safe and resolving these difficult issues.

Below I have posted some pics, down here last Friday seemed to be the worse for me damage wise. An estimated $4600 damage to my now dimpled truck, haven't got the house estimate back yet. Over $3k to Krista's (my old lady, ball and chain, portable dungeon) car. My car was also dimpled but it's just a to and from work car so I don't care so much about that. Many people in my neighborhood have also recieved broken windows, roof damage (which I don't think I have at this point) and fallen trees. Which I know is nothing compared to some of the leveled houses we have seen from North Nashville and West TN over the past week.

Stay safe....

Peace and humptiness forever!


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