Sunday, March 05, 2006

UFC 58 - USA vs Canada ~ The results

Another great night of fighting completed! I have to say I was dissapointed in the overall USA vs Canada theme of the event, I don't like the USA, USA chants atthis type of venue. Overall my predictions were 5-3 this time, much better than the 2-7 I put up at last weeks PRIDE.

The Underdard~

Tom Murphy defeats Iccho Larenas by TKO in round 3.

Jason Lambert defeats Rob MacDonald by Submission (Kimura) in round 1.

Sam Stout defeats Spencer Fisher by a split decision.

The Card~

Yves Edwards vs Mark Hominick

They both came out ready and willing to fight. I gave a slight, very slight, edge to Yves in the 1st round jsut for being a little more accurate. It was impressive to see Hominick stand with Yves. Hominick usually fights out of a lower weight class and had to come up to 155, usually that means you will be a little overpowered, Hominick was clearly the stronger guy. In the 2nd round Hominick landed a devastating body shot, yves went straight for the takedown and got it. Hominick slowly worked toward a triangle submission and got it. I can't believe Yves didn't back out of that submission at some point, he had to have seen it coming. Hominick had a great opening performance against one of the 155's best fighters.

Mark Hominick defeats Yves Edwards by Submission (Triangle) in round 2.

Nathan Marquardt vs Joe Doerksen

This fight, unfortunately, was 3 rounds of non-stop boredum. I really don't like watching Marquardt fight. I gave Doerksen the 2nd round although all 3 judges scored the fight 30-27 for Marquardt. I could say more about this fight but I may fall asleep. I did have a good chuckle after the fight when Marquardt called out Rich Franklin, now that would be funny!

Nathan Marquardt defeats Joe Doerksen by a (yaaaaawn) unanimous decision.

BJ Penn vs Georges St Pierre

In a highly anticipated fight BJ Penn comes back after a 2 year layoff and gets put in the cage with GSP, one of the fastest rising stars in the business. In round 1 BJ controlled the action, an acidental poke in the eye left GSP seeing 2 BJ Penn's. A grazing uppercut then bloodied the nose of GSP. In the second round GSP began to press the action, land his low leg kicks and secured 2 pretty clean takedowns. Teh 3rd round saw more of the same for GSP, low leg kicks, pressing action and 2 more takedowns, 1 was a very clean slam to the mat. After the fight GSP looked a mess but Penn could barely stand up, it was a war. A few fans boo'd the decision and began chanting USA for Penn (which I felt was innapropriate).

Georges St Pierre defeats BJ Penn by split decision.

Mike Swick vs Steve Vigneault

Swick came out in normal Swick fashion and took the action right to Vigneault. Swick's assault on Vigneault led to him attempting and getting a single leg takedown on Swick. During this takedown he forgot the cardinal rule and did not protect his neck. Swick landed, what he calls, the Swickottine choke and ended the fight.

Mike Swick defeats Steve Vigneault by Submission (Guillotine Choke) in round 1.

Rich Franklin vs David Loiseau

In the main event we saw just about all you can see in a fight. Franklin came out and controlled the action early. Loiseau seemed to have a definate problem with Franklin's left hand stance. At times Loiseau was litterally running across the ring to get away from Franklin. Loiseau's face was swollen and bloodied pretty bad. In between the 2nd and 3rd round you could here Rich Franklin tell his corner that his left hand was broken. He continued to fight and used his jab effectively to press the action. Loiseau did have a shining moment in the 3rd when he landed a big left hook that sent Franklin to the canvas, he jumped on Franklin but could not finished him. Overall Franklin dominated this fight, Loiseau is definately a tough fighter for hanging in there but he got beat pretty bad. Rich left the ring with a broken hand and a very bad limp that may indicate some larger issue's. He's going to have to take some time to heal up.

Rich Franklin defeats David Loiseau by unanimous decision.


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