Monday, April 24, 2006

We say Gooooooooo.......

Go AVS!!!!!!!!!!

Wahoo the hockey gods in their infinite wisdom have given me yet another heart attack as the Dallas Stars came back from a 3-0 deficit to take the lead on my precious Avs. As I watched 3 goals in a row bounce around "sloppy" goals and a 4th go off the skate of Mike Madano I thought Shirley my team was sunk. But just and fair are the hockey gods as Milan Hedjuk flipped a no look pass out in front of the goal where Brett Clark could chip it in to tie and send to OT. The Stars seemed to control the action and it almost ended with a laser beam shot that hit an Av post and bounced out, and people say Patrick Roy was crazy for talking to the goal posts????? He always smiled and said he'd take allthe help he could get, if it's good enough for Patrick, it's good enough for me. After the post shot Hedjuk again broke free, this time passing back tothe slot for John-Michael Liles who's slap shot was heading for Turco when Joey Sakic (pictured below), my hero, tipped in the puck becoming the National Hockey League's all time leader in playoff overtime goals passing the Rocket Richard.

The Avs now lead the Stars 2-0 and they will be heading home for the next 2.

I'd like to quickly apologize to my girlfriend for screaming at the TV until 11:15 at night, I'd also like to apologize to the Spring Hill Community because I'm sure they all heard me too!!!!

Quick note to say also, Go Preds!!!! They haven't looked to good and I think they are fortunate to have a split at this point going out to San Jose. Mason has played good D and they are hanging in there. Let's all hope they get back some emotion and momentum and get 1 back on this 2 game stretch.


Blogger Mr Curtis said...

Finally, No UFC news. Go Av's

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Krista said...

If I had only known sooner that what really gets this man excited is hockey. And you omitted the part where you had to go into the garage after the game to celebrate, so you wouldn't make too much noise.

10:18 AM  

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