Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bill O'reilly knows squat!!!!!

I rarely step into the political area's of our little blogging community. But Bill went and brought his lack of research and complete idiocy to my world. On a recent show Bill spoke with Dana White, President of the UFC, and Rich Franklin, current Middle-weight champ. In this interview Bill made several points to try and show how brutal this sport is. I will break down his points...... You can link to the 5 minute broadcast if you want to watch The Idiot. I find a lot of what Bill O'Reilly says as blatant disregaurd for common sense, not to mention truth. It is just ridiculous!

1) He starts this interview by showing a picture of Muhammad Ali and implying that his Parkinson's desease was brought on by prize fighting. (If at this point you a Bill fan and you are thinking to yourself "he didn't imply anything there" just wait for it, he flat out says it later!)

2) He then tells a flat out lie by saying that Rich Franklin once knocked a man out for 20 minutes and people thought he was dead. Yes, I said it....FLAT OUT LIE! When Franklin begins to speak about that issue Bill just cuts him off and changes the subject.

3) Then Bill turns the subject to why Rich does this, (I'm paraphrasing here) Bill basically says how brutal the sport is and asks Rich if he does it for money. Rich explains that he gave up a career as a teacher (Math teacher to be precise) to pursue a lifelong dream of being a proffesional athlete. What's missed in that whole scenario is what Rich was trying to say about his health. How many times do we here about football players who can barely walk in there 30's because of knee, shoulder and back issues? The Oakland Raiders have a fund set up just for their teams former players and their health issues. You just don't have the wear and tear on the body that you do in other contact sports. You won't find boxers and mixed martial artist with issue's like Howie Long and Shaq. It just doesn't happen. And that is NOT to imply that boxing and MMA are the same when it comes to health.

4) Now comes the time in the interview where Bill links Ali's Parkinson's to his boxing career. I'm surprized Bill didn't mention the other great boxers with Parkinson's, Michael J Fox, Bill Graham, Kathering Hepburn, Johnny Cash, Harry Truman and MacArther. Johnny Cash is an interesting one because I always figured country music caused some kind of health issues!

5) Bill will now ask Dana White if he can understand why people think it is brutal and wonder to themselves "What's next, are we Romans, are they going to bring lions in there?". Dana, visibly flustered at Bill's complete ignorance, states taht MMA is safer than Boxing. I've already written an article on the diffences, you can read that one Here. In a nutshell, would you rather be knocked out with 1 or 2 good clean shots with a 4oz glove that knock you out? or, Would you rather be pummelled with 12 rounds worth of 14-16oz glove shots (that is to say there is a lot of extra padding in those gloves), given several standing 8 counts in which you are given an oportunity to get some of your whits back before getting pummelled again?

6) Bill will now bring up some crack research from the UK (British Journal of Sports Medicine) that indicates, based on the number of concussions that MMA is 3 times more dangerous than boxing. I looked on google and found THE ARTICLE where it looks as though a doctor watched 642 fights and saw what ended the fights. 28% were ended by some kind of head trama which the doctor and Bill apparently links to concussions. No live people were studied. I wonder how many tackles in football are a direct result of a hit involving the head? WOW, according to Bill that would be a lot of concussions out there. If anyone can find other articles I would LOVE to read them. Great Facts Bill!

7) Bill will 1 more time bring up that Ali got Parkinson's from fighting, he actually says it this time. I went to this site to get an answer on what causes it. They, along with other sites, list that Parkinson's is a result of a chemical build up that destroy's your brain cells. Here is an blurb from an article that says concussion symptoms are "Parkinson-like". Bill stated that Ali himself says that he got Parkinson's from boxing. I have personally never heard that, I'm trying to find it on the internet but haven't yet. You would think, or at least someone with logic (obviously not Bill) that if Ali thought this came from his boxing career he would make is a point to say it every time he spoke to a crowd. He doesn't! You would also think at some point you'd hear it from Michael J Fox as much as he is an advocate in educating people on the disease.

Bill O'Reilly should not be allowed to be on television. If I hear one more comment about the 'liberal' media spreading lies while this guy gets away with this I'm going to scream!


Blogger Francisco said...

isn't O'Reilly the same asshole who in fall of 2004 was in trouble for sexually harassing his interns and secretaries, also he had some intresting voice messages too, which Opie & Anthony took full advantage of it on there show.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Krista said...

I wish the guys would have had some time to explain what MMA really is. I think if you don't know what you're looking at, it may seem brutal. Once you know how it works, I think it makes boxing look bad. The damage that can be inflicted during a boxing match can far outweigh what MMA does.
I'm not sure what point O'Reilly was trying to make since he was so ignorant on the subject. It makes you feel good about the quality of all the other information he brings huh? It has a lot more sportsmanship and class than other sports - I wish they would have highlighted that instead of trying to bring the sport down.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous tickyul said...

Actually, Ali was Diagnosed at the prestigious Mayo Clinic with "Parkinson's Pugilistica".It is very obvious that the trauma inflicted to the brain from various sports is not good. Acceleration, twisting and deceleration of the head transmitts that energy to the brains causing tears, loss of brain cells, scarring, holes and various other damage.

4:42 PM  

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