Monday, July 03, 2006

It's all over

I'm selling my stock I'm selling my house and I'm throwing a raging keg party tomorrow since the apacolypse is upon us!!!

MTV2 is coming up with a new show of some kind called Final Fu. Ridiculous!

They are looking for "Black Belt level (or equivalent)" What the hell is 'or equivalent'.

This page, along with it's fantastic Jean-Claude Van Dam music, is a total joke. "Defend your martial arts style against the best competing practitioners in the nation". It looks to find the best fighters to compete "against each other in an arduos competition of challenges and stand-up, tournament point fighting". Jean Claude must be the host of this, or maybe Steven Seagal. I don't think Chuck Norris would stoop down to this much of a publicity stunt!

1st off, there was already a show to try and find out which individual style would dominate. It was called the Ultimate Fighting Challenge back the and Brazilian Jui Jitsu won! Now if you want to call yourself a fighter and you want to compete you must be well versed in multiple arts, that's why they call it MMA. MIXED MARTIAL ARTS.

This is a shameless attempt for MTV to jump on any band wagon they can. I hate to say this but I remember when MTV was cool, or at least I thought it was when I 1st started watching. Unfortunately I 1st started watching when it 1st came on the air which makes me old.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for all those TV Sensie's we see that will "teach your child to defend himself in real life situations".



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