Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ultimate Fight Night 3

On Monday, January 16, Spike TV will bring it's next installment of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to cable television. This card looks to be a good one. I will again encourage anyone who has never seen it to check it out. It's a good way to learn about the sport without having to fork over that 30 bucks for a PPV. Here's how the card breaks down. If the fights aren't enough and you are in it for the drama the UFC has promised that it will make it's biggest announcement ever during this broadcast. (On a side note I do not like the fact that Dana White has choosen to go the WWE route with some of this announcement stuff, but he makes a lot more money than me so whatever!)

Undercard - Will only get aired if time permits. (Which is usually never!)

Melvin Guillard vs Josh Neer
This will be a classic striker vs grappler. Melvin will come out early looking to dominate with explosive punches, Neer will have to last through that 1st part of the match and then try and get Melvin on the defensive by taking him down. Although Melvin is seen as a striker he was a wrester growing up so it's not completely foriegn territory for him. I give the edge to Melvin in this one.

Jonathan Goulet vs Duane Ludgwig
Ludwig has only fought a couple of times the last 2 years, he may be a little rusty. His last win was in April of 2003. He is also giving up a couple of inches of height to Goulet. Goulet is coming in with 10 straight wins in MMA. I look for Goulet to control this fight, get it on the ground and pummel untill he comes away with a TKO.

Alex Karalexis vs Jason Von Flue
Alex Karalexis has never impressed me, since his debut on The Ultimate Fighter 1 to his fights since. To me he just doesn't have the heart to be in there. Which is odd because it takes a tremendous amount of heart just to step in that octagon. Von Flue on the other hand doesn't know the word quit. He's willing to take a beating to give one. On this night I don't believe he will need to take a beating, his pace should be enough to kepp Karalexi going backword and not posing much of a threat.

Chris Leben vs Jorge Rivera
Leben, a team Quest fighter is going to be my favorite, you know this! Rivera has a good record and has beat some good opponents, I haven't been impressed with him when I've seen him but I know he's got some skills I haven't seen. He went almost a full 3 rounds with Rich Franklin so you know he's got a chin. Leben and Rivera are both willing to stand and trade blows, this should be an exciting fight and I hope that it is the 1st televised fight rather than the last undercard fight but I'm not 100% sure which it is.

Drew Fickett vs Josh Burkman
Another classic striker vs grappler. Like the earlier fight Burkman will need to jump right on Fickett and try to end it quick. Fickett will look to get this on the ground and work his BJJ magic. In his last fight Fickett was dominated by Koscheck for about 14 and 1/2 minutes. Unfortunately for Koscheck these fights last 15 minutes and he was Rear Naked Choked with 22 seconds left in the fight. You can't take a break with the good submission artists, it only takes a second. Fickett has the skill and the experience but I'm looking for an upset from Burkman. This will do a lot for his career.

Spencer Fisher vs Aaron Riley
This should also be a pretty good match up. Riley has been working the international circuit of fighting while Fisher has stayed home. Riley has about twice the experience and has been in the ring with some big punchers. This may turnout to be one of those "boring" fights if you don't like the technique involved in the ground game, I love them. I look for Rileyto still be fresh late in the game and dominate the 3rd round for victory.

Stephan Bonnar vs James Irvin
I hope Bonnar kicks Irvins ass! Rare for me to say as I pretty much like most all the fighters, I don't like Irvin. I don't like the few fighters that come off so arrogant and don't bring the respect into the ring that drew me to this sport from the very begining. After his flying knee knock out, one of the best in UFC history, he just came off like an ass. Bonnar put on one of the best fights in the UFC when he went the distance with Forrest Griffin, he lost the close decision in that fight. He will stand and through blows with anyone. I want to see him turn the lights out on the Sandman.

Tim Sylvia vs Assuerio Silva
How do you fight Tim Sylvia? He's 6 foot 8 inches and 260 pounds. Arlovsky beat him by landing a big punch early and catching him with an Achilles lock. Mir beat him with a surprizing arm bar that actually broke his arm, although he protested and wanted to continue. He's freakishly strong and tough. Personally I would bring a hand full of sand in with me and through it at him, and then run away like a little school girl! That may be the only way Silva comes out of this thing alive. Silva has been fighting internationally and has a good record. But coming in 9 inches shorter this grappler will have to have some magic to get The Maniac to the ground. I look for Sylvia's jab to work, over and over and over again!

That's it kids!

Peace and Humptiness forever!


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