Monday, December 26, 2005

To all my international readers.........

I took a lot of flack for referring to the UFC as "The Big Show".

Thank you for your comments and let me be the 1st to say, You are right. Now just convince all the other fans of mixed martial arts!

It amazes me that everytime I throw a little party for a PPV event that I get a great turn out for UFC and a next to nothing turn out for PRIDE.

Like many of you who commented I also think that PRIDE is the BIG show! But here in America, yes where I live, it doesn't get the respect I think it deserves. I like the minor rule changes, the yellow card system and the way the judge the fights better than in the UFC. I also enjoy the crowd excitement of PRIDE, I think the average PRIDE attendee knows more and enjoys more that the average UFC attendee. Of course I am generalizing and expect to here comments now from the UFC fans. No worries, I can take it!

I have said before and I will say again, I think UFC has the top level Best fighters. Meaning I believe that the champs from UFC could beat the Champs from PRIDE. Yes, I said it! But I also believe that PRIDE has the best all around fighters. Meaning I think PRIDE has more overall talent.

Now I will also make a plea to Dana White....

Dana, Bring back the lightweights, they are far to exciting to be ignored! One area PRIDE is ruling you in is the mini's. Edwards, Gomi, Bennet and Pulver just to name a few, would put on a far better show that Gonzaga and Buentello on their best days. Those lightweight fighters can flat throw down and they do NOT gas out like the big boys. They rule the undercard and always will.

One commentor said that we American's only know and watch what we have, meaning UFC. On one hand I agree with you, most my friends who do not eat, drink and sleep fighting only know of and watch UFC. But we are learning. The Ultimate Fighter has began a shift in mixed martial arts viewers, it is becoming more mainstream. I believe in the next few years our industry will change more than it has in the past 11 when the UFC began.


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