Thursday, December 29, 2005

Predictions Part 3

We have 5 fights still to cover. Have I ever mentioned that one of the main reasons I like PRIDE a little bit better than the UFC is the number of fights they have on a card. 12 fights, are you kidding me? UFC will usually show 5 and you are lucky to get 3 with boxing anymore.

Anyhow, back to the predictions. I jumped around a little last night so we could finish strong.

Mark Hunt VS. Mirko Crocop

Mark Hunt is a kickboxer at heart. He is pretty new to the MMA scene. He does have a victory over Wanderlei Silva which is impressive. He'll need all he can get in this match up since he won't be fighting a light-heavyweight this time.

Crocop has been all over PRIDE. He has recieved a couple of title shots and not come through on them. Despite his losses in championship bouts he is among that level of fighter, just cant get over the hump. He does deserve to fight with those guys and another victory or 2 will put him up there to try again. Items to watch for....Crocop's left leg, it is devastating to say the least. He will throw it and at somepoint it will land. I'm picking Crocop.

Alexsander Emelianenko VS. Pawel Nastula

Alexsander is the brother of the Heavyweight Champ, he trains with him in Russia. Although he's not had as many fights he does display the same type of talent that apparently runs wild in there family. Of his 7 wins only 2 have gone to decision.

Pawel Nastula is a Judo Player that's lost his one and only MMA fight this past summer. I don't know what it is about these Judo guys but a lot of them don't seem to fair to well out of the gates. I respect Judo and all that it has to offer but with the exception of Karo Parysian I can't think of one who has done especially well. Seems like the skills after the throw are lacking.

I look for the 1st Emelianenko brother to pound his way to victory in this fight. Should be pretty bloody!

Charles Bennet VS. Ken Kaneko (no profile)

Charles "Krazyhorse" Bennet is a thrill to watch. His 50/50 (ish) record would indicate that he is not a top contendor but he comes to fight. He's a wrestler by nature with a lot of pure power and if you've never seen him you are in for a treat. He's quite possibly the most charismatic fighter on the sceen. I thnks Krazyhorse's experience will carry him against Kaneko for the victory.

Fedor Emelianenko VS. Zulu (no profile)

Fedor is the Champ. He should remain the Champ. If this is who I think it is Zulu is a very large man from Brazil who studies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Fedor will be much quicker than he is and quite possibly more powerful. I love to watch Fedor fight, right now I think that if he could get a fight lined up with Andre Arlovsky from UFC we'd be in for a great show. (I could be wrong about Zulu and who he is. It's difficult to find info on PRIDE fights sometimes)

Kazushi Sakuraba VS. Ikuhisa Minowa

Kazushi "The Gracie Hunter" Sakuraba gets his name by winning matches against Royce, Royler, Renzo and Ryan Gracie. He handed Royce and Royler their 1st losses, basically was the 1st guy to show that the Gracie's are indeed human. (Note- Royce does have another loss before this, but it was because he could not continue in a tournament. There was no fight, it was a forfiet loss.) His overall record is 18-9-1. 3 of those losses come at the hands of Wanderlei Silva, 1 to Crocop and 1 to Vovchanchyn. If you are going to have some losses, those are the guys to have them to.

Ikuhisa "The Punk" Minowa has also been around the block a time or 2. With over 50 fights and a list of wins and losses against a virtual who's who of MMA he is always someone to be recognized as a great fighter.

This should be a classic match with 2 great fighters. I believe that Sakuraba will defeat Minowa but it should be fun to see how.

Have a great New Years Day and have fun watching some MMA!!!!!


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